Concrete fibers

Highest quality PP fibers

Polypropylene concrete fibers from Belgian Fibers Manufacturing have been developed for optimum performance in a wide range of construction applications. From road and tunnel construction to sewage and other constructions: whatever the application may be, Belgian Fibers is always ready to offer the appropriate mix of PP fibers tailored to your needs. Our PP fibers prevent crack formation and result in better and more durable concrete. The addition of synthetic (PP) fibers affects the plastic and/or hardened properties of concrete.

Discover the benefits of PP fibers.

Flexible production

Belgian Fibers produces custom-made PP fibers, also under private label. Our fibers are compatible with all concrete compositions and can be used in poured or sprayed concrete. You can order them in big bags or in smaller degradable bags of 400, 600, 750, 900 or 1000 grams. Other quantities, from 100 g to 1.5 kg, are available on request, as well as 5 kg bags. All Belmix types are CE certified.

Fire tunnel tests prove the benefits of our PP fibers for safety reasons

Tunnel Fire test were carried out at the tunnel furnace and by MFPA - Leipzig Gmbh. Belmix fibers in 6 mm used in a modified tunnel concrete ( HPC ) mixture with 2.0 and 1.5 Kg / m³ PP fibers , confirm a significant improvement of the fire and spalling behavior according the DiBt test programme under one side fire exposure. The advantage of using Belmix PP fibers becomes clear when In case of a fire, the constructive integrity is strongly extended , so that the safety and accessibility time of the firemen is increased. In other words: no tunnel should be constructed without short cut PP fibers.

Belgian Fibers is ISO and CE certified for the development and production of specialized polypropylene and polyethylene fibers for many high-performance industrial applications.

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