About us


BELGIAN FIBERS SA is established in 1984 as an independent company to produce Polyolefin staple fibers (Polypropylene & Polyethylene). The initial capacity of 4.000 ton/year is based on Fare-extrusion lines. Applications of these fibers include all kinds of technical nonwovens based on the customer's requirements. To meet the demands of our customers, BELGIAN FIBERS offers a range of deniers, cut lengths, specifications and colors. The color library contains more than 2000 colors.


The capacity is raised to 15.000 annual tons in 2002 thanks to the increasing demand in automotive applications. A new warehouse is added and a covered area of 11.000 m² becomes available to stock the different qualities in an orderly way. Multiple online control systems are added to the production lines to manage the various demands of our customers.


Automatic baling systems is intalled. The bales are circled with Polyester straps under the plastic wrap. Opening a bale is now without risk of injuries. Quality control is guaranteed with the installation of new lab equipment.


Short cut fibers for use in concrete reinforcement, in the paper industry, refractory or precast, etc; all of these applications are introduced on an industrial scale. Today, practically any customer need in the field of short cut fibers can be met. A range of cut lengths from 3 mm up to 48 mm can be delivered in various packaging systems (big bags (450 kg - 1000 lbs), bags (25 kg -55 lbs.) and small bags (< 1kg - <2 lbs)). Today, fully automatic packaging allows for a capacity up to 20 tons per day in e.g. 600 g/bag.


BELGIAN FIBERS starts the production of high-tenacity fibers. Today, Belgian Fibers is one of the major independent technical PP fiber producers in the world. Flexibility and efficiency are essential to meet the needs of our customers. In our fully equipped laboratory we continuously monitor the quality of our products. For greater customer confidence, BELGIAN FIBERS produces and delivers according to the ISO-9001:2015 standards / certificate N° BQA_QMS_C_2002268. We are currently developing new types of fibers and we are very happy to answer whatever question you might have.


The financial crisis changes things, but our flexibility proves that the future looks bright for the company.


Further expansion of the production capacity and improvement of the technical specifications of the fibers are realized. Production output is increased by 30%


The very high tenacity fiber for the production of geotextiles has succesfully been introduced. This geofiber (over 52 cN/tex or 6 gr/den with elongations over 85%) convinced major geotextile plants, allowing for a far stronger nonwoven with a substantial reduction of the textile weight.
2 major studies realised with our concrete fiber have shown the great benefits in fire control in tunnels, high buildings and parking lots.


Belgian Fibers Mfg spread its wings over the world and expanded sales geographically, and is now present in all continents! 95% of our turnover is realised outside our home country.


During the first half of 2015, we succesfully commissioned our solar-project. More than 2400 solar panels have been installed on our roof with a total capacity of 576 kWp. This makes us one of the biggest renewable energy producers of the region.


2022 marked a big change for Belgian Fibers. After a fire in its production, Belgian Fibers decided to stop its activities and transfer its knowledge and production of Concrete Fibers by means of an asset deal to Belgian Fibers Group NV. Belgian Fibers Group is now dedicated to developing and producing the most performant Concrete Fibers. In the future, customers can continue to rely on the service and product knowledge of the Belgian Fibers Team.