Automotive Industry Advantages

Chemical resistance

  • Excellent resistance to aggressive chemicals, such as acids and hydroxides
  • Ideal for use in batteries, filtration…

Low specific weight

The specific weight of PP is 0,91 g/cm3, compared to 1.39 g/cm3 for polyester. This offers a much higher specific volume for the same weight, or the same volume with less weight. This is very important in the automotive industry, which is continuously looking for ways to reduce the weight of a car.


The PP fiber can be modified according to its application. It can be made highly UV resistant for use as parcel shelf, or medium UV resistant for a car mat. It can be made flame resistant to meet different norms and regulations.

Bonding characteristics

PP is an ideal bonding fiber in the production of composites, with polyester, glass fiber, flax. This is thanks to its lower melting point.


The fiber can be produced in the exact color requested by the industry.